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Monday, March 7, 2011


Yuck….boo…..hiss…etc. etc. etc.

So, if you recall, yesterday, even though we were unable to travel to the rv show, my blog entry was in celebration of rain and melting snow and just generally the fact that it was March and hopefully spring. Well, when we went to bed it was raining really hard, and then it got colder, and at some point during the night rain turned into ice, and ice turned into snow, and when we woke up this morning, we had a cold house and no power.

What happened to our nice clean driveway?


A picture of the back yard for a change!


Our snow drifts are climbing again!


So I had to go off to work, and the roads were terrible, and it was still snowing cats and dogs, so Harry was very nice and drove me to work, and dropped me off. He had to stay home to keep our house warm! Two years ago, we had an ice storm and the power was out for several days, so we decided that we needed a generator to cover any such situations in the future! Today was the first day we had to use it.


But we were so glad that we bought that generator back when we did. It came in so handy today.

Harry took all these pictures for me today! Smile

IMG_4294 IMG_4286
IMG_4291 IMG_4289
IMG_4279 IMG_4295

By the time the end of the day came, I really wanted a shower. And we weren’t sure how long the power would be out, so after Harry picked me up from work, we went to Planet Fitness and used the showers in their locker rooms. Guess that membership came in handy for something! Winking smile

Here we are “roughing” it… (AKA no television)


and Harry hooked me up with internet through my phone.


He’s so handy to have around – I think I’ll keep him!! Be right back

And now after this, a-hem…interesting day, I am happy to report that as I was writing this blog entry just now, the power came back on!!!! Thank goodness. As the temperatures are supposed to be in the single digits tonight, Harry was preparing to get up every few hours throughout the night to warm our house back up. I am so glad that won’t be necessary after all.

OK, Spring you can come back any time!


  1. We have debated getting a genny for suce an occasion but have only lost power for more than 2 minutes a few times. We are leaning more towards getting one now though just in case.

    Glad the power is back, I hope the house warms up quickly!


  2. Just think, in four or five years from now yer a going to be thinkin' about them poor people up in Serycsue a fightin' that snow and cold while you are a lounging in the 80 degree sun in the Keys or a like place.

    Besides what yer a doin' now will make a right good story some day. Remember, it might git a bit worse afore it gets better, but when it gets better yer a going to sure be enjoyin' it.

  3. Glad your power came back on. We had the same weather down here, but power never wavered thank goodness.

  4. yeah for electricity!!!..glad your power is back on..enjoy the warmth,lights and the television!!

  5. Although snow is rarely seen here, power outages are very common. We actually wore out a generator!

    About ten years ago we invested in a whole house automatic generator that runs on propane. When the power goes out it kicks in and we don't have to do anything!

    so nice.

  6. Just a few more weeks and you'll hopefully see sunshine, green grass, and flowers......I feel for you!

  7. Yeah, that electricity is something we really miss when it isn't there!
    Glad it is back up and running!

    I promise you it is March and days away from being spring even if it doesn't look like it from your front door. It is pretty though!