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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enjoying this Beautiful Day

What a wonderful day it is! The sun is out, and skies are blue. I actually have the windows open for the first time in quite a while.

The cats enjoying an open window.


I got off to an early start this morning, heading to Walmart before the crowds. I have discovered that it doesn’t take too many shoppers to back up the lines, because they don’t have too many cashiers working on the weekday mornings. So now my philosophy is “the earlier, the better” when it comes to shopping trips there in the morning. And I am glad I did, because it’s nice to be home and have my “running” done.

My tulips are coming up, but not quickly.


I forgot to mention last night that yesterday was the service call on the pellet stove. It is now spic and span and ready for another heating season ($225 later).


As Harry surmised, the problem was the igniter.


This little piece heats up, and causes the pellets to catch fire. The techs tested it, and it was completely dead. They showed Harry how to put the piece back in, so he has ordered the igniter from a wood stove website in California, and it should arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately, we had to pay a little extra for 3 day shipping, as the cheaper 10 day option seemed like cutting it a little close to vacation and our departure. But at least it will arrive soon, and we will have the stove all back in working order shortly. (Of course, we do not leave the pellet stove on while we are away on vacation, so we may only use it a few times more during the remainder of the cold season. Hopefully!)

I walked all around outside the house today, and still could only see a few signs of life out there.

There is some new growth on this bush by the side of the house…


…and the tree in the front is budding.


That is the only budding tree I could find. All the other trees in the front and back yards are all still lost in their winter sleep. The maple syrup makers are still having their nights below freezing, so this weather makes them happy anyway. Sarcastic smile

Five more days to work before vacation (Six days in total, but only five more at work – didn’t want anyone to get confused after yesterday’s title)!!


  1. You sound very excited about your upcoming vacation - that's a GOOD thing! Loved the picture of the cats in the window.

  2. Don't y'all worry none bout bein' confusioned. Most folks says I.M. enuff fer a whole flock of folks all by my ownself. I'll take care of that confusion part, y'all just have fun gittin' ready fer yer upcomin' vaccination, which y'all mite be a needin', not a known' what has been in that cabin afore y'all.

  3. Looking good back there, nice to see it's finally warming up.