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Sunday, March 6, 2011

No Snow!

Here anyway. We may get a wet couple of inches overnight, but with the temps we are supposed to have, it won’t be sticking around. It has been in the 40s today, was actually 50 degrees earlier. However, I just checked weather.com and in Syracuse it is 27 degrees and snowing, so we made a good decision.


We have had an extremely lazy day today. Other than having our usual big Sunday brunch this morning, and doing a couple loads of laundry, we have done nothing but hang out and watch some old movies on tv.

Our snow is actually going down! Smile


I cleared the last of it off the bushes today, and they actually seem none the worse for wear.


Dreary day! A good one for sitting around and relaxing…


So that’s what we’ve been doing. Open-mouthed smile


  1. Wow, I look forward to a "do nothing and just hang out" day. I am ready for getting everything out of the condo, closing, working out the details for going from homeowner's to full-timers and from work to retired! Whew! Look forward to seeing you in Tennessee!

  2. Yeah for no snow. Spring really will get there. :)

  3. enjoy your 'lazy sunday!!!..nice that the snow is beginning to melt!!

  4. You don't have to be watching snow to have a do nothing day. I did that in the desert today!

  5. If it gets warm enough to get a little rain it will melt all that snow and clean things up all at once!

  6. Its good to sea we weren't the only ones a sittin' around watchin' a movie on an old TV yesterday. Course we was a fightin' off the sunshine and warm weather, but someday you'll have the same problem.