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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eventful Day Off

But at least there was one expected event which did not materialize – a snow storm! Not yet anyway. It was supposed to start around noon and snow the rest of the day and all night. So far, we have only gotten a few flurries. I am not disappointed.

I started off the day in a very productive fashion – getting important stuff done like picking up things at the grocery store and starting the laundry. By the middle of the day, I was heading for a hair appointment. I used to go regularly every five or six weeks when I was having my hair colored, but I haven’t been since I stopped that several months ago. I have had some trouble with hair breakage and, in talking with the hair stylist about it, found out that she believes it is related to my having had appendicitis. Well, specifically related to the anesthesia I had with my surgery. I had no idea that anesthesia was related to hair weakness and breakage. I guess some people actually have gotten bald spots after having anesthesia. And it can stay in your system for a year! I had no idea. Luckily I am halfway through that period of time with no balding areas!

And after that, the day went downhill a bit. I came home from my hair appointment to a pellet stove which wasn’t working. When he got home from work, Harry tried a few fixes, but with no positive results. So now our pellet stove is off, and our electric is on. We are grateful that we have the electric as a backup, but we will be glad when we know what is wrong with the stove. We will try tomorrow to find a repairperson who can come out and take a look at it.


  1. Good luck with the stove. As long as we are surrounded by things there will be breakdowns. Even in our future dream RV's!

  2. You got lucky with the weather, not us :( Woke up to 8" of heavy, wet, snow this morning. Roads on way to work weren't bad though.
    Hopefully your pellet stove is an easy fix. Thank goodness warmer weather is coming eventually!

  3. Didn't know that about surgery and hair...interesting!!

    Anything mechanical can and probably does break. Hope you get the stove fixed with little or no trouble. Good that you have a backup!!

  4. I hope it is nothing major with the stove. Looking forward to meeting you at the rally. 15 more days till we leave.

  5. One of the best decisons I ever made was to stop coloring my hair. It feels so much healthier....