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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight Savings Time

There’s been a lot of discussion in recent days about opinions on daylight savings time. This morning (actually, last night) we followed the “spring forward” instruction to move our clocks one hour ahead. The downside of that is the loss of one hour’s sleep. I have to admit, it takes me several days to get used to the change in time before my body acclimates. It always amazes me what a difference one hour makes for most of the week that follows. But the upside is worth it! The upside is daylight! I am so looking forward to having daylight in the evenings from now on.

It has been a little warmer for the past few days – meaning low 40s. But we still have snow cover in the yard. There are places now in the area where the snow has melted and we are able to see grass! But not in our yard yet. We still have at least 12 – 18 inches of snow remaining. <sigh>

Other than the snow melt watch, there isn’t much going on around here. We have 23 days until vacation, and I can’t wait! We have our trip planned, our hotels booked, our cabin reserved. With the somewhat warmer weather, I’ve been thinking about looking for my capris…shorts…sandals and…. Be right back Do you think it’s too early to start packing?


  1. About you packin'. Since I doesn't know just how far you is going to be a packin' each day, and how far it are to the that there first hotel, maybe ya should start now.

    One of the improbables about joinin' in readin' a blog in the middle of something is yer lost a fore ya get started. Howsoever I doo think I's smart enough to get this a figured out in another day or too. So if you can wait till then, I can give ya good advise on when to pack.

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  2. I'm packing! And, packing, and packing! There are people here in Tennessee already wearing shorts and sandals. So, bring 'em on! It is currently 70 and a beautiful sunny day.

  3. I was having a hard enought time remembering the two hour time difference between here in AZ and family back in NJ and MD. Now I need to think about 3 hours. AZ does not observe daylight sayings time.

  4. Well if it is too early to start packing then I started too early. I am nearly ready. Come on April!!

  5. It's never too early to start packing as far as I'm concerned. I'm looking forward to another hour of daylight out here in the desert tonight!

  6. Once you get out on the road the time is always changing. We are in Arizona which doesn't do daylight savings so no time change there but soon we will be headed back to the midwest and then will have a two hour time change to deal with. The good part is with no schedule it is easier to adjust.