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Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Spring

Today was the typical Monday work day, and not very springlike. It started snowing around 7 am and snowed most of the morning. We ended up with snow cover over all of the lawns and trees. It was not a welcome sight. I thought about taking a picture but just didn’t feel like taking any more pictures of the white stuff this year. I have had enough!! (Sorry I.M. I know you would have loved to see one more snow picture. Winking smile) It has warmed up a bit and is raining at the moment. We still have new snow on the ground but it is the very wet snow that will hopefully go away very quickly.

Another work day down and another day closer to our trip to Tennessee!


  1. Nilda weren't happy at all when I had too unplug the cable to the TV to git my snow fix fer the day. I told her she were gonna have to just take it up with Jessica, which I founded out the hard way were the wrong thing to say. Guess spring can't come soon enough fer you, Harry, me and Nilda, all four.
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  2. No, no say it isn't so???? Oh well, I'm gonna say it anyway....Happy First Day of Spring!!

  3. I think a lot of areas had snow yesterday. At least this time of year you know the end is coming.