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Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Yard Sale

We had our first yard sale today and I think it was a success. Neither Harry nor I have ever prepared or taken part in a yard sale, so just getting our feet wet and coming out with a little profit was a good start. Harry left bright and early this morning with another car full of stuff for the sale.

IMG_2887 IMG_2885

When they started at 8:30, people were showing up right away, and by 1 pm they were calling it a day. We sold probably three quarters of our stuff, and made $106. So we were happy with that. My sister also had a good day, with a profit of $195. We got rid of quite a bit, including several large items – 2 air conditioners and the wooden lighthouse I mentioned the other day. You can see it at the bottom front of the picture on the right.

In the meantime I was at work – always a fun day of course! We still had a person out on vacation, and another still out sick. So, on the bright side, it was a very, VERY quick day. And now, I am so glad that it is the weekend. I am not planning on doing too much tomorrow – except fun things and some relaxation – right now the only firm thing on my agenda is baking brownies!! Open-mouthed smile


  1. I think the interesting thing about having that first yard sale is now as you look around at all the remaining stuff in your life yo will see it with just a little bit of a different eye.

    Will this be good for the next one?

    Should I just hang onto it until the "last" yard sale?

    That "thing" I want to ten dollars might sell for a dollar, should I buy it, or pass?

    I started a new box of stuff a few days after my first sale. After the sale, I took the remaining stuff to Goodwill. Some of it they didn't want!

  2. Good for you! Now the next one won't be so hard.

  3. So glad your first yard sale was a success!! The thing I remember about our first yard sale is how little my "valuable" things really were. We found out they were only valuable in our eyes. Kinda hard to grasp at first. Folks want everything for so little $. With that said...it was great to get rid of things and make one more step closer to the goal. :-)

    Now you guys rest and enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Thanks all! I do feel I will be better prepared for the next one. :)

    Mike & Gerri, I know what you mean - I felt the same way. When we were labeling them, some of the items I initially wanted to price higher because of how much I paid for them. And Harry kept reminding me, people aren't going to pay that for them. Even so, I probably priced some stuff too high. A lesson for the next one! :)