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Friday, August 6, 2010

Not Much Going On Week

I was just reflecting on the past week, and it’s been one of those weeks when there just isn’t much to write about. My blog posts have generally been short and sweet, and have included updates on the weather. You know it’s a slow news week when the weather is your #1 topic. Sarcastic smile By the way, our weather is much more pleasant this morning. It’s about 64 degrees right now and the humidity is much lower. So it was very comfortable sleeping weather last night.

Today is going to be another one of those days when there just isn’t much going on. I’m going to do my hour’s walk this morning before I head to work at 10 am. I have really gotten into the rhythm and I don’t even have to force myself to get up and moving anymore. But I know these nice temperatures that are so great for walking are so fleeting. The other day when I had my drs. appt., my dr. said she wanted to see me for another follow-up in three months. I’m sure you all know how quickly 3 short months will go. So I head out to the check-out area to make my appt. and the woman at the desk says, how about November 3rd? NOVEMBER!!! Surprised smile What do you mean, November? Three months from now it’s going to be NOVEMBER??!! Forget summer, or even fall – by November it will positively look like winter around here. All the pretty leaves will be gone and it will be dreary and dark. Guess the lesson of this story is appreciate the summer (for me, that is). For all of my “RV-ing friends” it is to be grateful that you can follow the warmth and sunshine!! It won’t be too long, and we will be joining you!! Smile


  1. Jess:

    We were saying the same thing yesterday. A few months from now it'll be dark when we go home from work, and cold. I need to get new tires for my Fit before the dreaded snow. I don't know how many times we say 'when we're full-timing we won't have to be in snow' :)


  2. Yup, us too - new tires for Harry's car are coming up in September. He wants to replace them before we go on vacation the last week of the month.

  3. Time has a way of getting away from us!! You turn around twice and Christmas will be upon us.

    Glad you are getting into the rhythm of walking each day. I sooooo need to do that. I felt so much better when I did. I need to loose this weight I gained.

    Be careful when you begin full-timing. The temptation to try different places to eat is great. Then there is the friends that you meet and always somehow find your way to food. I let it slip up on me. Now I am aware I can do better.

    Take care and have a great weekend!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. I agree - eating out is going to be a temptation! And both my waistline and our budget would suffer!! Hopefully that will be something we can start off right from the beginning, but I think that's going to be one of those "easier said than done" items. There's always going to be that temptation to try some new eatery. But I'm willing to deal with it!! ;)