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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fall Rites

A few days ago I mentioned that the cool evening air reminded me of fall. And while I am no hurry for that particular season to arrive any time soon, the local news tonight started talking about another thing that I love about fall – FOOTBALL!! The NY Giants have arrived in Albany for their training season. YAY!! Although I have never gone and watched the Giants at training camp, I am a diehard Giants fan – I come by it naturally – my dad lived and died as a loyal fan of the Giants, and every year when I watch their games, it reminds me so much of my dad and how much he loved a good football game (especially when they were winning).

Today was a nice, comfortable day for working around the house. This morning before we got started I took a few “before” pictures.


Harry worked in the bedroom pulling up the carpeting while I worked in the hallway to get it all taped, so we could get back to priming.


We first started working on the hallway last year, and then got sidetracked doing other projects, so it felt good to be getting back to it.

IMG_2786 IMG_2788
IMG_2787 IMG_2784

We are making progress! When we finish the upstairs bedroom and hallway, a big chunk of our tasks for the upstairs will be done. So this was a good work weekend! Smile


  1. Wow, good girl! Looks great so far. Helps that the weather cooled off a bit, I know.
    I'm excited for football season myself. I am an Eagles fan (ahem..)but I love to watch any football. I hate when the season is over, what will I do with my Sunday and Monday nights?!

  2. Lots of progress AND lots of hard work. Things are looking good.
    Each step gets you closer to your goal. :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. LOL - well, my good friend Rose (whose picture appeared in an earlier blog when she came to the house for dinner) is from Philly and is also an Eagles fan - it is a ongoing "conversation topic" each year!! ;) I agree - weekends are so much more fun when there are football games on!!!

  4. Growing up across the river in South Jersey from Philadelphia, I must be an Eagles Fan too.

    Hubby is from Louisiana. He says where he comes from in SW Louisiana, you are either a Cowboys fan or a communist!

  5. We leave for the RV fulltime lifestyle late 2011...hope to see ya'll on the road