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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Busy Day Off

This will be a short entry for today because, even though it was a day off, I was very busy, and have just landed at home. I did have my hair appointment this morning and she did highlights of my usual color, so that it will blend in with my gray hair coming in! I would take a picture but I don’t really look that different. Harry says it looks like I have silver highlights, but that’s actually my real hair color!! Sarcastic smile

Other than that, it was just a busy day around the house, getting normal stuff done, like laundry – nothing exciting! The one somewhat exciting thing is that I had an email for someone interested in the elliptical. She wants to come see it on Friday. The only thing is I had to write back and let her know the elliptical is too big to fit in a car, so she would have to use a truck to move it. So we will see tomorrow if she is still interested in coming to look at it.

Tonight we went out to an Italian restaurant with 3 other couples from Harry’s office, and after two glasses of wine and a delicious pasta dish, I am half asleep! So until tomorrow….

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