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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yay for Tuesday Night :)

Welcome to the latest followers to my blog, Wayne and Maureen! You will be on the road ahead of us, but definitely hope to meet you on the road someday! Smile Thanks for joining us.

Sounds like so much of the country is dealing with excessive heat right now. It’s been pretty nice up here. Right now it is 82 degrees and after Thursday we are going back down to the upper 70s for highs again. So our weather has been pretty nice – much nicer than a lot of people are enduring these days. I definitely have no complaints!

So nice to have another work day over, and a day off coming up. This morning I went to our headquarters in Albany for a training session (Dealing with difficult members and co-workers – no one out there would ever need that right? Sarcastic smile) It was good information, and also it was nice to get out of the branch for part of the day. I was actually only at the branch for about 3 hours.

Then after a quick dinner of leftovers, Harry and I walked again tonight! So this week is definitely off to a great start as far as exercise. Usually the rest of the week is the time when I get the majority of my time in. Tomorrow I head back to the drs. for a follow-up appt. so we shall see how much this exercise has paid off.


  1. I sure do need to get some exercise in but it has been in the 100s and that is just too hot. I can't wait for things to begin to cool off a bit.
    Glad you enjoyed your "time away" today. :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Racking in the exercise hours is going to pay off big! Good luck at the doctor's office.