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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Working Saturday

Today we were up and moving early. I had to go to work, and was opening today, so I was heading out of the house at 7:20. Harry was taking advantage of this cool morning to get back to work on the floor in the upstairs guest room.

IMG_2789 IMG_2790
IMG_2792 IMG_2794

Here is the room – half finished! Harry is not in any of the pictures because he took them all while I was still at work. (We discovered the “specks” on the lens after all the pictures were taken. Must have gotten it wet at some point.)


The upstairs is going to be well on the way to being finished soon. We will only have the upstairs bathroom to work on.

This afternoon after I got home, Harry was just finishing for the day. I worked on cleaning out some more clothes from my closet and dressers. So far I have three more bags to go to the drop box.

Tomorrow – more of the same….maybe the room will be finished? Stay tuned…. Be right back