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Monday, August 30, 2010

Quiet Weekend–Almost September

This was a laid back weekend. Yesterday a bit of heat returned, and we went around and closed all the windows as the sun traveled around the house. I’d gotten so used to nice fresh air over the past week or two that I had them all open! Now we have our blinds all shut again so when we go to work it will keep the sun from heating the interior.

Harry started staining and sanding the trim to complete the floors. He finished the upstairs closet, put a couple pieces in the living room, and finished the downstairs hallway. I continued my purge of paperwork. Harry has saved everything! Yesterday, among other things, I threw out purchase agreements, loan paperwork, and maintenance records for a 1999 Toyota Corolla that we don’t even have! He had kept all of his pension statements since 1981! I managed to fill one bag with shredded “stuff” before I had to stop because I had reached the “house” folder and he is worried that I will throw away something IMPORTANT!!! Sarcastic smile So we have to go through that one together.

September is almost here! This is going to be the best month! Smile We have vacation coming up, a long weekend for Labor Day and we are babysitting Schaun for a few days at our house. Also work will be better, because as of Wednesday, our manager comes back to work and everybody’s vacation will be over – except mine! Be right back


  1. It is always amazing how much paperwork gets saved. Even now, I have two small plastic hanging folder files. And they weight way too much.

    Files back to 1981! Yup, time to toss out.

  2. I am looking forward to September!! I am so glad:)