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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stormy Evening

We are sitting here tonight, having finished our dinner, just relaxing. There are thunderstorms in the area – we can hear the thunder in the distance. I tried to take some pictures of the stormy sky, but it doesn’t come across as dark in the picture as it looks here in person!

This is the view from our back door, looking toward our neighbor’s back yard.



It has been such a busy week at work, I don’t even know where the days have gone! Our assistant manager was still out sick today, which left only two of us working at the branch (again!). I am definitely hoping that he feels better and comes back tomorrow.

This Saturday we are having a yard sale at my sister’s house. She lives on the main street in her town, so we are hoping we will have a good turnout. I brought several boxes over to her house yesterday and Harry will bring a few more things on Saturday. Since I have to work on Saturday as usual, Harry will be helping to man the yard sale. I will go over after work to help with the cleanup.

I sure am looking forward to the weekend, and this busy week at work being over!!


  1. Busy weeks always go faster but they tire you out. It is tough when even one person is not in their place at work. Well, its Friday and the weekend is ahead. I hope you all have a great one and good luck with that yard sale.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. An exhausting week AND a yard sale? You go girl! I hope you make out well selling some of your stuff.


  3. Thanks guys! The weather is supposed to be beautiful so that's a positive sign!! :)

  4. Just think of it this way - one week closer to doing what you want to do and being where you want to be.