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Monday, August 2, 2010

No News Monday

Today was one of those very normal, nothing new type of days. Went off to work early this morning, as is the norm for a Monday morning. Work was busy – being the first of the month, there were a lot of people coming in to cash checks or take money out of their accounts. After work, we had a nice easy dinner of baked fish and then actually went for a 30 minute walk, which we don’t usually do on a Monday night! So, just the usual quiet Monday.

Tomorrow I head to Albany for a few hours of training. It will be nice to be out of the office for a change. Maybe I’ll even walk tomorrow night, and start this week off really well. (We don’t normally walk on Mondays and Tuesdays.) So we’re already starting it off on the right foot (so to speak). Winking smile

Harry brought in all of the flooring today – it is now upstairs getting ready to be installed. It has to acclimate for a couple days, but I think it will more likely be acclimating for several days, because it will probably be the weekend before we get back to working on the upstairs again.


  1. Nice! You got to do your 30 minute walk after all. It makes it so much more fun when the hubbies get dragged along!

    Thanks for keeping me posted about your progress on my blog. It really is helping me stay motivated to know others are out there suffering with me ;)

  2. Now that the weather is a little cooler here, time for us to get back to taking walks also. Most of this summer has been horrendously hot and humid.

    You gals just might inspire me.