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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Once Again

That was a fast weekend, even though we really didn’t go anywhere. It rained all day yesterday, sometimes coming down in hard sheets, and at other times just raining lightly. I didn’t care too much, except that I would have liked to go for my walk yesterday, and it didn’t stop long enough for me to do that.

Even with my plan to have a “do nuthin’” day, it was pretty productive. I put on a dvd from one of the sets I have, and sat on the couch sorting through papers and shredding anything we didn’t need to keep. By the end of the afternoon, I had three big bags of shredded paper to go out in the garbage. Our office is starting to look pretty good. Previously there were piles of papers and records etc, but I am really starting to see my progress in there. I also did bake brownies, so I got everything accomplished that was on my list for the day. Be right back

Harry also had a productive day. He finished the floor in the bedroom upstairs, and then we put the bed together. It feels so good to have that done! For two reasons – just because it’s really great to have it finished, and also because the box spring and mattress to the bed have been standing upright in the middle of our bedroom for two months! So now our bedroom looks really big!! I haven’t taken any pictures of the bedroom yet, but as soon as we finish getting it put together, I will.

Unfortunately, Harry is a little under the weather today. Just as we were getting ready to head to bed, he got hit by a stomach bug. And he’s still not feeling well this morning. So I will be the only one heading to work in a little bit. Sad smile (Of course, I would probably rather go to work than be sick with a stomach bug.)

As I was writing this, the weather forecast was being presented on the tv. Our high today is supposed to be 68, and low 70s all week. I think it’s really here……

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