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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Fast and Busy Week

Well! I can’t believe that it’s already Thursday morning! Where has this week gone? Yesterday was my day off, and it went by way too fast. I had a doctor’s appt. at 8 am, so I was out the door bright and early at 7:20. This is my third follow-up appt. over the past few months, and although I have been diligently walking and watching my salt intake, the result of yesterday’s appt. is that I will, at least for a while, be adding a high blood pressure pill to my daily routine. I am hoping with the continuation of exercise etc that I will be able to stop taking it at some point.

So anyway, after that, it was off to BJ’s and a local farmer’s market to pick up items for this weekend’s barbeque. By the time I got home from errands, it was 11 am, and I was ready for some relaxation for the afternoon. So the rest of the day was mostly quiet. I did do some laundry and pick up around the kitchen, but other than that, it was a uneventful rest of the day! Those are nice once in a while! :)


  1. Always good to get off meds if possible. Hoping your efforts pay off soon.

  2. Glad you're having it all checked out. You know, I find filling prescriptions on the road to be a pain in the butt!!


  3. Yeah, I think that is going to be one of the biggest pains on the road. I already have two prescriptions which I know I won't be getting myself off, but at least with my plan I can order them in 90 day increments, and they are already sent to me in the mail. So when I am to the point where I need a refill, I will just have to figure out where to have them mailed.