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Thursday, July 1, 2010

It’s For Sale!

What a picture perfect day yesterday was! The weather was so beautiful – nice puffy clouds in the sky, low humidity, not too hot but not too cold either. So nice! And it cooled down really well for sleeping – it’s 50 degrees right now. Always amazes me how cool that feels once you get into the summer season, when in spring it feels so warm.

My day off was great – had some time for relaxing, but I got a lot done as well. Nothing too exciting – laundry, a trip to the post office, a trip to the store. I ventured into the book section which I rarely do….ummm, let’s just say I have a weakness when it comes to books. I wanted to get a book or two because we’re traveling this weekend and also next week I have a day trip coming up, and instead I left the store with a pile! Five to be exact. When Harry and I are traveling I plan to purchase either the Kindle or the Nook, or something else which they may come out with between now and then. Otherwise, I’d be overloading our fiver with all my books!



And then the highlight of our day….we traveled in to Albany to pick up the truck! It looks really nice.



We listed it last night on Want Ad Digest. It’s a commission based service, but we have had really good luck with it selling all of our other stuff the past few months, so we figure the commission is worth it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you are limited to 20 words – and you can also include 4 pictures. These are the pictures we used in the ad:

IMG_2506 IMG_2507
IMG_2504 IMG_2515

The last major item that we sold was the pop-up. We posted it in the evening, like we did this time, and the calls started the next morning around 10 am. While I’m not necessarily expecting it to happen the same way this time, it sure would be nice! :)


  1. This might be a good weekend to have listed it. People have an extra day to do things. But then again they may be busy having picnics.. You will sell it eventually in any case.

    Nice looking truck.

  2. I vote for bringing aloud of real books, then use them for firewood on cold nights.

  3. Nellie - Haha - yeah I saw the books you were packing away! ;) I think their value as "firewood" will be negated by the extra weight they add. LOL