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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update on the Computer

Nothing much new since this morning. I’ve filled one box with “stuff” for the tag sale, and am working on box #2. I did forget this morning to give an update on Harry’s computer. It arrived back here on Friday afternoon. Harry opened it up, and before he did anything else, as he always does, he proceeded to download anti-virus software (Zone Alarm) for protection (well, after doing the standard “charge up, go through the startup” stuff that you always have to do). This time he planned to take it slow and load programs gradually instead of right away like he did before. Well, Friday evening, before I even got home from work….yup, you guessed it, it restarted itself again, right in the middle of Zone Alarm’s first scan. It did it several more times Friday evening and Saturday morning. The only thing Harry had put on the computer was the anti-virus software, which he has used for a number of years. But it looked like Zone Alarm wasn’t getting along with our new arrival. So yesterday morning, he uninstalled Zone Alarm and downloaded AVG instead. No more problems!!! It hasn’t restarted itself once since Zone Alarm was removed. Phew!! Too bad Harry was without his new computer for 3 weeks, but at least it looks like we have discovered what the issue was.


  1. Pretty kitties!

    Computers are never as easy as they should be, but I remember when they were as big as a house nd cost about as much!

  2. I've used AVG forever and have never had issues related to its operation in the background. And come to think of it I've never had a virus either!!!!