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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Rainy Day

When we first got going this morning, there was still a blue sky hanging around in the sky. Harry’s schedule does not change from day to day, so he headed out to work at his usual 7:15 this morning. I decided to get out and walk right away, as the weather forecast for today was not promising. (although I guess that depends what you want to happen – for local farmers, today’s forecast probably was promising. We really have not had much in the way of rain – I don’t think our lawn has been mowed for several weeks.) So anyway, I got my sneakers on, and headed out for my morning walk. It really was beautiful – low 60’s and low humidity. By the time I finished my walk an hour earlier, the clouds were already moving in, and by the time I headed to work at 9:30, it was raining! Good thing I got myself going right away.

Ariel and Crookshanks watching some exciting thing going on in our back yard. Smile


Then it was off to work. I was only at my normal branch for about an hour and a half. Then I drove to another branch about 25 minutes away to help out for the afternoon. I was supposed to get done at 5, but there was a last minute rush, and I didn’t end up leaving until 20 to 6. It was just stopping the rain when I got out of work, and now it is a very pleasant evening, with a nice cool breeze coming in the windows. I’m hoping to get a lot of fresh air in tonight, as tomorrow it is supposed to get back up near 90 degrees.

It hasn’t been a big day for planning or dreaming – too busy with work and “normal life”. But our adjusted plan for the future does seem to be sinking in to my mind now. I guess I’m getting used to the idea. That’s not to say that I’m not still very excited about our new plan. Because I definitely am! It seems so much closer now. Open-mouthed smile

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