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Friday, July 2, 2010

Computer Problems

A sad turn of events yesterday for Harry’s computer….for the past week, at least, he’s been having an issue with it. He’ll be surfing the net, or reading some webpage, and all of a sudden it shuts itself off and we get that “this computer was not shut off correctly” message, and then the option to start windows normally or in safe mode. And a couple times it’s all of a sudden gone to this blue screen with lots of computer lingo basically saying the computer has crashed and then it restarts itself. Well, it did it again last night, which makes 5 times since Harry got the computer on June 15th. So he’s decided to return it to Newegg for replacement. We hope – he called the Newegg person to get a return authorization code, and he was told that they have to be able to duplicate the issue or they will return the computer to him. That is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard – why on earth would he make that up? Just for the joy of repacking the computer up and sending it back to them? So now, some Newegg guy has to surf the web for a few hours to see if the computer all of a sudden shuts itself down or does the nice blue screen crash thing. Let’s just hope it performs on cue – it’s happened quite a few times already so hopefully it will do it again for them. No pictures last night – it was so sad to watch the removing of all the computer programs, and all the reversal of the set-up and additions of the last two weeks. :(

And – no calls yet for the truck…maybe today…


  1. Nothing worse than computer problems! Has he run a virus check? I'm sure he knows what he's doing :)

    Beautiful weather, huh?!?!?


  2. Yeah, Harry's a "techie" - that's actually his job - he works in IT. :) So the first thing he did when he got the computer was install Zone Alarm. He really didn't play around with it too much to try to figure out what the problem is because the replacement policy is only good for 30 days.

  3. This weather is picture perfect - the whole week has been great!! What are your temps supposed to be like over the weekend? They're predicting low 90s here.

  4. Hey - we got this Toshiba only two months ago while in Louisiana. It has been doing the same thing the last three weeks. It happened just this morning. I am getting worried.

    We are now in NJ. Got it from Radio Shack. I guess I better take it to the local Radio Shack ASAP?

  5. I would - I don't know what kind of replacement/repair policy Radio Shack has, but probably the sooner you have them look at it, the better. I've never seen a computer do this before.

  6. Jess:

    Yeah, 90's here too. We're going to a 4th party tomorrow after G get's off work. I should have fireworks to post..

  7. My previous laptop (about 6 years old) started doing the same thing a few months back. Then it crashed!

    Off to Radio Shack tomorrow. Good luck with yours.

  8. Usually the blue screen is from read errors on the hard drive. Perhaps it needs to be dropped before return. Ooops I didn't say that.

  9. It's a real bummer when anew toy fails to perform! Hope they can fix it or will send you a replacement.