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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, best-laid plans…etc etc… I had intended to start catching up on my blog earlier today when we first arrived back this morning around 11:30. We had an awesome weekend, and I have tons of pictures for my weekend’s show ‘n’ tell. So yeah, I really was going to start by writing all about our trip home on Saturday, however, we ended up running lots of errands and getting stuff done out and about. Now we have just gotten home and have about an hour before we have to head out for a work “event.” It’s the fun kind – with lots of free food, entertainment and a fireworks show at 9:15 tonight. But because of that, I’m not going to have time for any posting about events of the past few days as I planned. Tomorrow my mom, my sister, and I are going on a bus trip to NYC for a Broadway show. So I won’t be catching up tomorrow either – but I’m going to have tons to write about for probably the next five to seven days after that!! :)

Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July! :)


  1. For sure...you go on and have fun. Yes, leave us boondockers behind all alone with no exciting blog post to read. No living vicariously through the New Yorker. I'm bummed!

    ;) Nellie

  2. Yeah, come on, come on, I'm sitting here 'blogside' patiently waiting more news!!


  3. Nellie and Jonathan - if its any consulation - I bet it was hot as blazes in NYC while they were there!