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Thursday, July 8, 2010

It’s Been a Fast Week

It doesn’t seem like it’s been so many days since I have been able to write my last post! And, not only that, but I am woefully out of touch with everybody else’s life! I have barely had a minute to look at any blogs at all. I guess I know some of what I will be doing this weekend. :)

I have to go back to work today – in about 30 minutes actually. I kind of wish I had taken today off too – it would be good to be able to relax and catch my breath. But unfortunately I did not. So this will have to be a quickie – just to let everyone know I’m still here. :)

Yesterday’s trip was very nice. We left the house at 10 after 6 and I was on the bus about 25 minutes later. We stopped in Catskill, which is about 40 minutes south of Albany, and that is where my mother and sister boarded the bus. The trip was uneventful – I read a book and we chatted a bit, so it went by fast. When we got to the city, we went to a diner that someone on the bus told us about for lunch.


This isn’t the greatest picture, because the sun was shining off the cover. But I couldn’t get a better one. Anyway, the name of the place was Ellen’s Stardust Diner. All of the waitresses and waiters are aspiring Broadway stars. So while they wait on tables, they all take turns singing. It was a very interesting place. But not one where you can talk very much – it was quite loud in there.



This guy was my favorite – he had an awesome voice.


One more pic from lunch…


Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for now – I will try to write more tonight!!

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  1. Jess:

    Cool trip. I love NYC. Can't wait to hear more :)