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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It’s Over!

This was one of those days at work which, when you walk out the door, you just mentally shake yourself and think, Thank goodness it’s over!!! And, in the case of today, you also think, and tomorrow is my day off!! Open-mouthed smile Enough said…I’m sure you have all experienced the same at some point.

Another beautiful night. Days and evenings like this are so great. I just wish the days would all be like this right straight through to November!

Tomorrow my sister Denise and I are getting together. We are actually taking a short road trip to Troy, NY which is about 15 or 20 minutes from here to our local RV dealer (well, one of them) – the one that we are planning on purchasing our Hitchhiker from, Imperial RV. Denise has never actually been inside a fifth wheel before, so we are going to go check out all the different trailers they have for sale there. They always have at least one HH fiver, so I am looking forward to showing her a sample of what our future home is going to look like. Harry and I are so glad that the local dealer is so close to our home. Not that we are anticipating issues or problems, but should any questions arise, it is nice to know the dealer is such a quick trip away. They also have a great reputation, being a family-owned business with a great record for service. There was another couple in this area who purchased a fiver from Imperial, and when they discovered a problem a few days later (I think one of the slides wouldn’t go back in, if I remember correctly), the owner actually made a house call and fixed the problem for them. Testimonials like this one are a big part of the reason why we are choosing to purchase through the dealer rather than ordering from the factory directly and picking it up ourselves.

Tomorrow will be my day for dreaming… Be right back  Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Oh, have fun!! I remember when I showed my sister our fifth wheel for the first time, she was in shock! She thought we were going to live in a dinky rectangle with no amenities. Little did she know these rigs can be nicer than some apartments! LOL :)

  2. Thanks Nellie! :) I'm looking forward to showing her what these RVs look like on the inside. :) She is probably going to want one of her own!!!

  3. I wish we had an RV dealer that close to us. The one we go to the most is an hour and a half away. Maybe that's a good thing, or we'd be there every weekend sitting in a motorhome and driving them nuts!

  4. Oh...what fun!!
    It is always fun to visit an RV dealer and especially when you get to show your sister a sample of what your new home will be like.
    Nellie is right...many of the RVs out there are nicer than many apartments.
    It is also great to have a dealer you can trust and you know will be there for you after the sale.
    Have lots of fun!! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)