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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Hot and Steamy

Hard to believe that after our relatively cool and rainy day yesterday, today we are supposed to get back up to around 90 degrees. So we’re already trying to hold those cool temperatures inside the house by closing the windows as the sun starts to creep around the back of the house. I like my slower Saturday mornings. Even though I do still have to head to work for a few hours, we don’t open until 9 am, so I get to spend a little more quality time with my cup of coffee.

This weekend, and actually the next couple of weekends, we will actually be staying home for a change. No travels in our near future. We will be getting back to doing stuff around the house. Harry is going to finish the painting on the upstairs guest room this morning while I am at work. After I get home we are going to bring in the laminate flooring for both the upstairs and downstairs guest rooms. The boxes have been sitting in the garage since January when we purchased them. Why did we buy them in January? I’m not sure. We kind of went crazy in January buying stuff we wanted to do in the house – in one 2 week period we purchased the flooring for the two rooms, the flooring for the kitchen and bathrooms, the vanity and mirror for the upstairs bathroom, and new stainless steel appliances for the kitchen. We were able to use “no payment, no interest for 6 months” promotions for the majority of our purchases, and I’m actually going to be making the last payments for everything this month. So anyway, since January, all of that stuff has been sitting in our garage. (You may recall the picture of that huge pile that I posted when we were cleaning the garage?) After we bring in the flooring, the only stuff left out there will be the pieces to upgrade the bathroom. We’re getting there!

Forgot to mention yesterday that Harry’s computer has arrived back from its trip to Newegg. They reloaded the operating system, and returned the same computer to us. Harry could have done that himself – he was really hoping for a new computer. But hopefully that fixed the issue. Time will tell…


  1. Amazing how our weather is the same even though you are so much further north.
    We are sprucing up my full basement - much like 'design on a dime', you know that HGTV show? Pictures to come :)
    We are doing the same, staying home at least this weekend to work on that. I told George that next weekend we need to get the bikes out!

  2. You guys are going to be buuuuusssssyy!!! That's a lot of flooring! You know though, once you put it down, you're going to feel such a big sense of accomplishment!