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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

“Cool” Morning

That is relative of course. I think when I turned my computer on this morning it said the temp was 67 degrees. So while I wasn’t required to put on an extra layer by any means, compared to the 88 degrees it was last night, it was very comfortable. Having heard from Retired Rod in KC yesterday in response to yesterday’s entry, I am now appreciating much more our nice 60-something degree sleeping weather! :)

There have been several blog posts recently about the whole concept of blogging and “followers” etc. It’s gotten me thinking about why exactly it was that I joined the blogging world. Originally I was just a reader (follower) of blogs. Being in the planning process to sell our “sticks ‘n’ bricks” and hit the road in our still-to-be-acquired fifth wheel, I have so enjoyed reading about all of the various ways that people are enjoying the journey, as well as a few stories about some who still have retained a permanent home, and travel part of the year. But as I started to join in the comments, and then recognize the same names showing up on comments on more than one blog and notice that people were commenting on each other’s blogs, I started to get the sense of this community spirit that is so evident. And I discovered that I really wanted to join in! I thought about it for at least a few weeks before I actually wrote that first post. Since it will be at least 3 years before we buy our truck and fifth wheel, I wondered if I really had enough going on in my life right now that would be even remotely interesting to read about! :) Well, while I can’t speak to how interesting it is, I have discovered that most days there is something going on that I can take and stretch out into some kind of a blog post.

For the first couple of weeks, I kept my blog to myself. I didn’t check the little box that made it available to find in a search, and I didn’t put it out there for anyone to read. But then I discovered that having at least the possibility of someone out there reading, and perhaps leaving a comment, really does change the whole dynamic and make it seem like a conversation, a connection, with other people out there. It was like I was spending time each day just talking to myself!! And I also realized that, until I made the blog public, I hadn’t really joined the group! So I took that step and put it out there for public viewing. And now that I have, I’m glad I made the jump! :)

I’m enjoying this blogging “thing” and I really appreciate all of you who check out my blog and leave a comment now and then! And stay tuned, I promise it’s going to get more interesting “down the road!”


  1. This blogging thing can be sort on addictive, can't it. I, too, look forward to checking out some blogs each day.

    Glad you decided to make yourself known.

  2. Jess:

    I love your comment on why we have blogs, etc. I started one initially so that I had a journal of our 'journey'..something I can look back on. My mom keeps a written journal, she has years of them. I also wanted something established so that my family in CA could keep in touch with what's going on in our lives.

    I'm amazed at what people think is interesting, and I think is just day to day living :)

    Keep up the good work, I like reading!

  3. Yep, and I find that the more you participate in the "community", the more people come check out your blog. It's circular!

    I always enjoy reading what you're up to. Doesn't have to be interesting to you :) Because I'm not in a sticks and bricks anymore, I enjoy reading about stuff I'm NOT experiencing at the moment.


  4. Thanks everyone! I enjoy reading all of your blogs too. :) I've gotten my sister hooked too, and she has just started one. I put a link to her blog in my post tonight.