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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Three H’s



Along with the rest of the country, we are stuck in a hot, hazy, and humid weather pattern. The temps aren’t completely intolerable – it’s been in the mid to high 80s. It’s the humidity that turns the whole picture into a sticky mess. The weather guy said on the news a few minutes ago that we are at 71% humidity. That is too humid for me! The nights have been pretty comfortable for sleeping, surprisingly. It’s managed to get down to the low 60s most nights, which is not too bad. We have three windows in our bedroom, each with a window fan, so it creates a nice cross breeze and brings that cooler night air in pretty quickly. We were supposed to have severe thunderstorms today which was going to decrease the humidity in the air, but they never did materialize. Not that I’m a fan of severe storms, but the change in the air would have been nice. I think there are storms in the area though, because the satellite tv keeps freezing up, and saying that it’s having trouble finding the satellite, which usually happens when a storm is in the vicinity.

All of the events that we’ve been planning for have now come and gone. We will actually be staying home this weekend, and gasp! we don’t have anything already on the calendar! Imagine that. I’m sure that we will have no trouble finding jobs/things that need doing to fill in the hours. We have so many things on our to-do list that we wanted to accomplish this summer, and I can’t believe that here we are already more than halfway through July. Oh yeah, that brings to mind one thing I want to do this weekend – our church is having a tag sale the last weekend of July (did I mention July is going by fast?) and I want to fill up at least a couple boxes to contribute to the cause!! No worries – by Friday, I will have lots of stuff in mind to keep me busy over the weekend!


  1. If you come down to KC, Ks we can serve you up some 99 to 102 weather with 70% humidity. Oh and Lows in the 80s over night! We don't even think about turning off the AC or opening windows. They are closed permanently. We spend about 2 weeks in the change over to, too cold to have them open. LOL

  2. Thanks Rod for making me more appreciative of what we have here!! :) At least we do have some cool air at night - I can already feel the breeze coming in the windows.