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Thursday, July 8, 2010

It’s Gone!

Well, not gone yet – but on the way to it. Yes, after one week on the market, Harry got a call this morning from someone who was interested in the truck! He came this afternoon to take a look at it and we now have a $200 deposit in hand!! The buyer has most of it saved, has to go to the bank to finish up the financing, but as of Monday the truck should be out of our driveway. I am so excited! I was mentally settling in for a longer wait to sell, since we had received absolutely no calls or inquiries since we posted the advertisement, and then today a sudden happy turn of events. This is our last major sale for the year.

Other than that, a normal day at work. It was busy. Harry is out buying some sandwich meat for sandwiches for dinner because it is too hot to cook. I don’t think I would mind the heat so much if it weren’t so humid. I am just grateful that the window fans cool our bedroom enough to make it pretty comfortable for sleeping.

Well, don’t know whether I will get to it tonight, but SOON I will be writing about the rest of our trip to NYC, and I still have lots to share about our trip north last weekend. :) But I did want to share our good news about the truck right away.


  1. Woohoo!! Doesn't it feel great?! Another 'to do' to check off.

    We listed my house today - I'll write about it on my blog tomorrow night when I'll have a pic of the 'for sale' sign.

    Love this weather, huh? :)

  2. Yes, it sure does, and this was a big one on the list! The money is going right in our truck savings. :)

    Good luck with your house sale! :)

    It's supposed to "cool down" here today - only a high of 87 instead of 90 something. Hopefully it will be a little less humid.

  3. Great! It's good to hear of your success.

    I have a MG Midget that is a no op in the garage. One of these days I have to get it cleaned up and for sale.

    To busy right now.