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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sultry Sunday

It’s going to be another hot one today, so I am planning to get my walk in early this morning before it really starts getting steamy. It’s already 74 degrees – I don’t think that it got much cooler than that during the night. We didn’t get quite as much done yesterday as we planned – it was too hot. By the time I got home from work, and we had a bite to eat, it was already almost 3 o’clock. That’s the downside to working on Saturdays. Even though the day doesn’t feel so long, by the time I get out, it’s a little late to start a project at home. Harry did get the painting done in the guest room yesterday morning while I was at work – the walls are now finished, and the end of the carpet is in sight!

Would love to be in the waters of Fern Lake today…


Anyway, back to yesterday. We were getting woefully low on lots of things, so we decided it was time to make one of our shopping excursions to BJs. I love it and hate it at the same time. We bulk up on paper products and frozen goods, and we only have to make one trip every couple of months. Which is why I love it!! But when we make the major trip, it also entails a major charge to the plastic. Sad smile Oh well. I was thinking yesterday when we were doing our shopping, about how much of this we will do when we are living in the fifth wheel. Even though I’ve seen the amount of space there is, and what the basement looks like, etc, I don’t have a really firm idea of how much room it will take to store our things, and how much space we will have to store things like extra paper products and stuff like that. It’s a good thing we will have our fifth wheel the year before we hit the road, so we will have time to figure out things like that! I could think about things like packing the fifth wheel or sample budgets all day. Smile

Harry took this picture of a loon in Fern Lake


Today….well, we’re going for our walk very shortly, probably as soon as I post this. I have to get stuff together to take over for the church’s tag sale next weekend. Nothing like waiting ‘til the last minute. So that will be the next thing on my agenda. We still have to bring the flooring in – it was way too hot yesterday. Hopefully today we will get these things accomplished.


  1. BJ' for us yesterday too. In preparation for our annual yard party. This year daughter and husband who are buying our house took over. We wanted them to postpond - refused. It is expected to get to 96 today and humid.

    No reason they could not have postponed a few days ago. Therefore, here we are with LOTS of food (meat just bought yesterday) and getting call after call of people cancelling. Who can blame them!

    This heat is really getting to me. Day after day, week after week. Never saw anything like this before.

  2. Yeah, it definitely is a hot day for an outside party. Last year we had a barbeque for a small group, just family, and we ended up moving inside because the heat was oppressive. Plus you have to take precautions about spoiling food, which is an added headache. :(

    How are you guys making out? Any movement on the fiver repairs? I hope they can get it fixed up for you soon!!