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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Nice One

Today was another really beautiful day. It was 50 degrees and sunny out. The only thing that was not so nice was the wind blowing which is still pretty cold.

But still overall, a really nice day…and while my sister and I were out for a bit perusing a local craft show, Harry was in the front raking out our packed down front yard.


My niece had fun decorating our driveway.


This was one of our quicker visits to the craft show. We actually only spent about an hour there. That’s not to say we came home completely empty-handed.

Here is Denise with her find…


…and I was very excited with my purchase. Harry and I had actually been talking about finding something exactly like this, and then I walked into the show and at the first booth, I saw…


and it’s propped up on a box containing my other find of the day – something to satisfy our sweet tooth…


After Denise and Hannah headed home, we finished up the front lawn.


The wind was working against us, but we managed to get most of the lawn cleaned up.


And now, we are in and ready to relax for the rest of the day. We started organizing and getting clothes out to pack for our trip, and I did three loads of laundry yesterday. We have done enough for one weekend. We still have Wednesday through Friday yet to get organized and ready to go.

Time to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Smile


  1. What a great find on the sign - perfect! Good decision to take some rest time - we all need that once in a while!

  2. I like your sign! Perfect find. It was a beautiful day today to get some spring yard work started.

  3. a very 'fitting purchase'!..I am sure you will find a special place to hang it!!