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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to Reality

Today it was back to work for me! I am so glad that I decided to make Thursday my first day back, since I could lounge around a bit this morning and go to work at my usual 10 am. And it sure was nice at the end of the day when everyone was heading out saying, yahoo, tomorrow’s Friday. Be right back That sounded like a great work week to me!

The weather this week since we arrived back home has been, ahem, well, pretty much the same as it was before we headed out two weeks ago. COLD. RAINY. GLOOMY. When Harry and I planned our vacation for April, we expected warm weather and sunshine to be settled in before we got back. No such luck! I wore my winter coat to work today! I hope it starts to turn around next week because I am so ready for some warmth!

Harry and I have been very motivated since participating in the rally, and even more so since we purchased the truck. Yesterday I started to work on cleaning out the downstairs guest room. So far one bookshelf has been cleaned off and added to the lawn sale pile. I will work on the guest room again this weekend and will hopefully finish it. This weekend, Harry is going to work on staining some trim he needs to finish the flooring in the dining room. Over the past couple of years, Harry replaced the carpet with laminate flooring, but he never got around to finishing the trim. Now it is time to get to it!


  1. Good for you and your motivation! It will be so nice not to have to get up and go to work anymore!

  2. One job at a time! I know very well about projects that are almost finished! We have many.

    You two have been working at things consistently since I started reading your blog. When your time comes, it will be easy to sell that house!

  3. Those pesky trim pieces always seem to get left behind at the end of a big project.