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Monday, April 18, 2011

Rally Thoughts

We arrived back in the capital district around 4 pm. this afternoon. It was a long trip, but we took a couple breaks each day, which made it much more manageable. Both yesterday and today, Harry and I had lots to talk about, as we started to process the past week’s events.

Harry’s favorite topics in the seminars were (surprise, surprise!) the ones on internet and tv. He liked the reinforcements of the information he already knew, but there were also some new pieces of information which helped him to make a more firm decision on which products we will use when we get our fiver. (Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE both internet and tv, and they are definitely “must haves” in my book! But I rely on my tech guy to take care of the details.) My favorite topics were the ones on packing tips, and the one on choosing campgrounds. I thought they were really practical, and I liked the campground review websites that were provided on the handouts.

But above all, I think, for both of us, the best part of the rally by far was meeting the people. It was so awesome to talk to people who are already living the fulltiming lifestyle, and also, to those who are in the planning stages like us. It was just amazing, and sometimes overwhelming, to be surrounded all around by that atmosphere.

The other thing that we discovered is that we loved it! We loved spending time in the campground, and seeing a new area of the country. The cabin was nice, but being in our own place would have been even better. But our day will come!

AND, sooner than we were originally planning! We have decided that we are going to put the house up for sale in March 2013, when Harry becomes eligible for retirement. When we hit the road will depend on when our house sells. But, hopefully…we have only 24 months left until we go full-time!

That compresses our timeline considerably, and definitely makes us feel much more motivated to get back to those projects that we still have on our “to-do list.” Time’s a wastin’, as my grandmother used to be fond of saying. Open-mouthed smile


  1. I am excited for you. Moving it up one year definately makes it so much sooner. Wasn't it great to chat with people already on the road? It seems to make it more realistic when you meet someone who is actually living your dream.

  2. Isn't it nice to know that you have friends all over now? That will be so cool to know that once we're on the road, we may run in to just about anyone!

  3. time's a wastin!..good for you two for having a speed-up plan!!..24 months is no time at all..it will be here before you know it!!

  4. The last 12 have gone by so fast, that the next 24 will seem to zoom by too.

    I hope we can meet at a rally someday. They sound like lots of fun.

  5. There is something about the RV-Dreams Rally and Family that just confirms what you thought you want to do. Not surprised at all to hear you moved the date up. We did the same thing with the sale of our house after the rally. Came home last year and put the house up for sale.

    Still waiting to sell, but we are ready. Hope to see you two again.