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Friday, April 15, 2011

What a Fast Week!

I can’t believe that it is Friday morning already! This has been a great week. Yesterday was another full day with four seminars scheduled. And yesterday, there was something even more exciting for Harry and me. The RV’s for Less dealership brought over two brand-new rigs for the rally participants to check out. One of these was one of the two floor plans that we have narrowed our search down to for our purchase, the Landmark Key Largo. We had never actually seen it in person though, only online. So after the first two topics, which I have to admit, I didn’t hear an awful lot about, since I was deep in thought about checking out the Landmark, we skipped the third one to head over there for some dreamin’.

It was beautiful.

IMG_4639 IMG_4643
IMG_4637 IMG_4636
IMG_4641 IMG_4640

We were there for at least an hour, checking out all the storage spaces, trying out the bed, hanging out in the recliner, etc. etc. Wow! What a great time we had. Smile I wish it was buyin’ time, but we have another year left before it is time for that.

Today will be more of the same. We have three RV dealerships picked out in the area, and will be leaving after breakfast to head toward Knoxville and some more dreamin’.


  1. the Landmark looks pretty darn nice..love the kitchen and the fact that you can walk right around the island!..enjoy the rest of your time at the rally..and happy tire kicking!!

  2. It's exciting to be in an RV and imagine yourself traveling in it and living in it.

  3. I could see myself in one of those, but Craig is determined to get a Class A.