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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today is just an all-around nice day. Smile 

First of all…


…our pellet stove is back up and running. So great! I really missed the stove for the week and a half that it was out of commission. It adds a great atmosphere to our living area. But also, we are used to the way that it heats the house. We turn it way down overnight, because both Harry and I like a cool area for sleeping. But even though we turned the electric heat down as well, both of us were hot almost every night. Last night it was so nice to be comfortable again!

The second awesome thing is that we didn’t get any more snow than we had in the pictures I posted yesterday. By mid-morning it was warming up a bit and by afternoon it was raining! It’s been a long time since I’ve been so happy to see rain.

This pretty unimpressive picture is to show that the grass is starting to get a little green. Yes it is! Look, real hard – in between the fence and the bush to the left. See it?


I found a few more flowers coming up in the back.


And the other reason that I am feeling great is that work is over for today, and I only have TWO more days to work before vacation!! woohoo!!

Here are Ariel and Crookshank enjoying their other favorite window sunny spot. They both love laying on blankets which makes it easier to keep them from leaving quite as much fur all over. We put one on the love seat, and an old blanket on each of the extra beds in the house, which catches a lot of their fur. It seems to work out pretty well.


I don’t know how they are going to like traveling. We are going to start acclimating them to riding in a vehicle this year, so that it won’t be something new next year when we have the fifth wheel. Our current plan is to put one of their blankets on the back seat of the truck for them to lay on. So we shall see how it goes this summer when we start taking them on short drives.

Tomorrow I am heading to a local craft show, so that should be fun. And also, Harry and I have to really start getting serious about packing!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. YES, I see some green - really!! Hope your snow is over for the year. The kitties sure look like they enjoy their blankets. Hope they turn out to be good travel cats. Enjoy the craft show!

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I really enjoy reading your post. I know you must be so excited about your upcoming vacation. I have one cat, Ebbie, and I found a wonderful product to control her shedding and to clean her fur from head to tail. They are deodarizing bath wipes that smell like baby powder and they are fabulous! Ebbie loves them and her coat is so shiny and she smells great too. Petco sells the wipes and come in a plastic container with 100 wipes. Another thing, Ebbie finds the wipes to be soothing and relaxing and she just purrs. Also, she does great in the car sitting in her carrier - as long as the top of the carrier is open and she can look out. What we do for our babies, eh? Have fun on your trip and good luck with the kitties.

  3. Yes, I see the green grass!! :-)

  4. Looks like signs of spring to me! :)

  5. Your kitties are very pretty. I do miss having a cat, but I guess seeing the local bobcat out the window is enough of a treat.

    I just don't want to live in an RV with a cat pan. I guess I'm just lazy. You really have to keep it very clean.

  6. (Jessica, this may be worth repeating, in case you missed it yesterday.) My cats love(d) RV'ing. I started by introducing them to a soft-sided carrier, by putting them outdoors in the carrier. They loved it so much that they would walk into the carrier "ready to go" as soon as I unzipped it. Then, we started taking them RV'ing. The carrier became their retreat while on the road. They sometimes ride in my lap, looking out the window, but if they get tired, they head to the carrier for a snooze. And, the carrier works great for setting them outdoors at the campsite for sunning and birdwatching!

  7. Awesome it is! Nice to see the pellet stove burning again as well as the green grass growing.

    Vacation time? Awesomer!

  8. how great that you are on the countdown to your vacation and that the flowers are blooming and the grass is green!..spring has arrived!!!