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Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Preparations

This has been a great first full day of vacation. Smile Of course, yesterday was my first day, but we still had to get up early so Harry could head to work for the morning. Today we woke up at our usual 5:20 am, but we stayed in bed, falling back to sleep and waking up at 7 am! Wow! That is definitely sleeping in for us.

It has been a beautiful sunny day; currently we are at 53 degrees. It feels great in the sun, but the breeze definitely still has a nip to it. Still no leaves on the trees.


We worked today packing supplies for our trip, and made one more trip to a local store for a few more small items. I am on the last of four loads of laundry for today, after which we will start packing our clothes for next week! I also finished wrapping presents for Schaun’s birthday. So it has been a nice organizational type of day. Tomorrow it will be time to pack the car!

Tonight we are heading out for Chinese for dinner! Yum. My favorite. A great start to our time off! Open-mouthed smile


  1. Look at that beautiful blue sky! And Chinese for dinner, what a great day...even if you are doing laundry!!

  2. I'm starting to get into 'vacation mode' myself. Finishing administrative stuff ;) and packing! One more day of work!!

  3. WooHoo!! Sounds like things are coming together including some really nice weather!! Have fun!!

  4. You definitely sound ready for a great vacation!