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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It was actually warm today! Really warm!! It feels so nice – I wish it was here to stay but so far the weather forecast does not bear that out. Right now it is 80 degrees here! I love it!

There is some more green showing up around our property.


The past two days have been the usual – go to work, come home and have dinner. Nothing exciting. Tomorrow I have to work but in the morning I am going to headquarters in Albany for some training. So at least I will be able to get out in the sunshine.

The leaves on the trees in the back are finally starting to pop out.


And a little splash of color…


The red on these branches will soon be giving way to green! (See the little green tips?)


I brought home some boxes today from an order that came in at work. We are running out of places in the garage to keep our garage sale piles. Pretty soon we may have to leave a car out in the driveway so we have some room to organize. We may try to have a sale sooner rather than later since we have so much to get rid of at this time. But at least when it comes time to sell, we will hopefully have the sorting and purging out of the way, and we won’t have to have a mad rush to the end! I am just about finished with the guestroom so the bathroom closet is next on the list. It is full of stuff, but we never use anything that is in there. There is shoe polish, suntan lotions, mini sewing kits, and on and on…. I don’t understand why it is so hard to throw that kind of stuff away! I always get a bad case of “might-need-it-someday-itis” when I look at things like that. But I plan to tackle it on Friday – I will let you know how it goes!

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Oh I have the same -itis disease. Espceially when it comes to sewing fabric. No matter how strict I get with myself I endup keeping everything. I was going to get rid of it all when we purged but I am ashamed to say I have two full boxes of fabric in storage. I justg couldn't do it. I hang my head in shame!!! Good luck on Friday.

  2. happy purging!!!..love doing that..feels so productive!!

  3. Enjoy your touch of spring! Hopefully it won't be long before it will be there to stay. We were raised in Northern Illinois and fully remember those cold, cold days that took forever to go away!!

    Good luck with your purging process. We sympathize with your "itis" and, unfortunately, suffer from the same illness.

  4. Great to see your weather is finally improving. Enjoy it.