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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Warm Weather

It has been the first real warm week of the season. The temperatures have been so beautiful that we have actually been able to sleep with our windows open! Although it has been stormy off and on all week too – we were under tornado watches and even warnings in the area over the past 12 hours. At the moment we are under a severe thunderstorm watch, and it is grey and stormy looking outside, and it may even be starting to rain.  But obviously it is nothing like the severe weather that people in the southern parts of the country have been dealing with.

There’s not been much going on around here other than work. Last night we took advantage of the nice weather and Harry barbequed chicken for our dinner. We used the bbq sauce that we bought at Happy Jacks down in TN. Yum!

This is “Friday” for both Harry and me. We have an appointment at the dealership tomorrow morning at 10 am to pick up our truck. It’s quite a surreal moment, after all the planning we have been doing, to be making the first real concrete step toward starting our fulltiming adventure! Of course, there will be many pictures of the happy event tomorrow!


  1. new wheels!!..how great will that feeling be when you pull out of the dealership tomorrow..one step towards the 'dream'!!..enjoy the moment!!

  2. Pretty exciting! I'll bet Harry can't wait to get behind the wheel of that big Duramax!

  3. You should get a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

  4. How very exciting for you. We'll be looking for the pictures.

    Hope the worst of the storms continue to pass you by.