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Friday, April 8, 2011

We’re Ready!

We are ready to hit the road tomorrow. Smile

We have had a very relaxing day. We actually “slept in” for a second day in a row – it was almost 7 o’clock again by the time we got up. Be right back We watched the morning news and enjoyed our morning coffee.


After breakfast, we got busy getting packed for our trip. We checked our list and made sure that we weren’t missing anything.


And once we had all of our supplies packed, we took them all out to the garage so Harry could work his packing magic.

(Can you tell who was manning the camera?) Open-mouthed smile


All set for our trip!


I am so excited to get going tomorrow – I hope I will be able to sleep tonight!!


  1. Cute pictures of Hubby!! Have lots of fun on your trip and keep us all up to date! Drive safe...

  2. Have fun, and make sure to post about all off the stuff you learn about RVing.

  3. We're all packed and ready too! Too tired to blog :)See you soon!!

  4. Congrats! Have fun on your first day of travel.

  5. safe travels tomorrow!..looks like you are loaded up!!