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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Quick Update

It’s been another whirlwind couple of days, and there just hasn’t been time to sit down and do some blogging. So I thought I would do a quick catch-up tonight, and tomorrow I will write a longer post.

The weekend was great. Saturday afternoon, (oh yeah, that was yesterday, wasn’t it?) there was a number of fulltime rvers who opened their rigs for walk-throughs. It was really interesting. Harry and I got some great ideas from seeing the modifications that people make in their fivers.

Last night was the catered dinner and dance. By the time we headed back to the cabin afterwards, it was time for packing up our clothes and heading to bed.

This morning, we had a delicious cooked breakfast in the conference center, and a sad goodbye from all our new friends, before hitting the road around 8:30 am. Since then, we have traveled from Tennessee, up through Virginia, briefly through W. Virginia, and into Maryland, where we are now relaxing in a hotel room (with a king size bed!).

We will head out first thing in the morning for upstate New York, where hopefully we will see more green on the trees, and maybe tulips! (My camera was not found unfortunately, so any pictures will have to come from my cell phone, until we find a new camera.)

Sure is going to be weird tomorrow to start transitioning back into “normal” life!


  1. Sorry about the camera. Have a safe trip home.

  2. We got home about 6;45, unpacked and got laundry started. We're exhausted!
    Safe travels tomorrow!

  3. enjoy the kingsize bed..and safe travels as you head towards home!!

  4. Glad you had a good time! Sorry you didn't find the camera.

  5. Love the way your map now shows Tennessee as red!