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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in Business

Harry went online Monday morning before we started out for home, and ordered a new camera. It came yesterday!


I wish I could have had it at the dealership yesterday, but we will definitely be taking some pictures of the truck next week.

I went outside and took some around the property today, just to try out the camera. Unfortunately, the view doesn’t look too different than it did in the ones I took a couple weeks ago. Are those leaves ever going to open up?


And I didn’t miss any budding tulips while we were gone.


Other than the new camera, not much else new around here. I’ve been doing laundry and trying to get our stuff put away from the trip. Harry had his first day back at work today, and I head back tomorrow. Sarcastic smile Yup, vacation is definitely over…


  1. Haha! Wow! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. congrats on the new camera!..too bad the old one didn't show up!!

  3. Sharp looking camera and I hear it takes really great pics too.

  4. I.M. likin' yer new camera, but howsoever did y'all find one that leaves out the snow? Them miracles of modern technology are most amazin'.

  5. I am a real fan of Canon cameras. I have a digital slr but I want a pocket camera too and that is the one I want! Have fun with it!