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Friday, April 1, 2011

So Far, So Good

I am happy to report that so far our spring storm has just been a little bit of a thing.


For those of you who are thinking, oh no! more snow pictures….well, that is the reality of living in upstate New York. I have lived here my whole life, which means I am finishing up my 45th winter season! And actually, I grew up in the Adirondacks, which is 3 hours north of here, and I remember huge piles of snow in our back yard from plowing that were so large we could use them for sledding, and of course, we had much fun building snow forts and all the other good stuff that kids find to do with piles and piles of snow. I remember days when school was cancelled because it was so cold the buses wouldn’t start. A whole day to go outside and play in the snow! Yeah, that’s when I really loved winter.


After I became an adult, winter was just the reality of life, and I never really thought about the fact that there were places where it stayed warm all year round, where snow was just a rare occurrence that might happen a few times during the winter season, or even every few years. And I have to say, I didn’t really mind winter then. It was just the way it was.


But now that Harry and I have other plans, and we (hopefully) have only three more winters up here in the cold and snowy north, we have definitely gotten tired of the weather up here. And we are both looking forward to the return of the warmth, green grass, and everything else that comes along with summer in the northeast!

However for today, we will have to watch some more light snow come down, and soon I will go to work, where everyone coming in will be saying what a long winter it’s been, but aren’t we glad we missed a big storm, etc. etc. etc. Yup, that’s life up here in upstate NY. Sarcastic smile

Morning bath time at the Riker house…


…followed up by a nap to rest up after all that hard work!


Three more days to work until vacation! Smile


  1. Guess I better quit complaining about weather in the Northwest! This was one of those years we didn't get any snow here in Eugene, other than a few rogue flakes from time to time.

    Your kitties are so cute. Do they like to travel? Seems like there are many cats who love going for rides.

  2. After spending about 45 years living in Canada and in particular northern BC I hear you about the snow. I have had my fill but it was fun when I was younger.

  3. I.M. knowed you couldn't wait til next year to post more of them snow pictures. Maybe it were the cats fault it snowed, a watchin' at the window fer it and all a few days agone.

  4. Having lived in the south all my life I will say snow here is treat!
    The kids used to do their snow dance at the sign of the first tiny little flake.
    Hope you have a super vacation!!

  5. Yep, in the South, predictions of snow sends everyone rushing to the grocery store for milk, bread and alcohol. We had lots more snow this Winter than normal.

    I hope it warms up before the rally. It is still cold and wet here in Tennessee.

  6. I definitely hope it warms up too - but I think even your cold will feel pretty warm to us! But some sun would be nice. :)

  7. I'm not sure how the cats will like traveling. They seem to do ok so far, but they have basically only gone out when they have appts. somewhere. We were actually planning to start taking them out for small trips, like going to the store or something, just to start getting them acclimated to being on the road, and hopefully that will be a more positive experience for them than traveling to the vet!

  8. Jessica, my cats love(d) RV'ing. I started with a soft-sided carrier, and put them outdoors in the carrier. They loved it so much that they would walk into the carrier "ready to go" as soon as I unzipped it. When we started taking them RV'ing, the carrier became their retreat while on the road. They sometimes ride in my lap, looking out the window, but if they get tired, they head to the carrier for a snooze. The carrier works great for setting them outdoors at the campsite for sunning and birdwatching!