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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 2 in Review

Yesterday was a great day, but we were busy! And by the time we headed back to the cabin last night, I was too tired to blog!

We started the day with a great relaxing morning, and a blue sky with lots of sunshine! This is the view from the front door of our cabin.


Yesterday was a full day, with four seminars scheduled – the first three were about ways that people fulltime, emotional aspects, and financial costs involved. While there hasn’t been an awful lot that I haven’t heard from all the research and reading that I have been doing, I am finding it very energizing to be in the midst of people who are either already living the life, or preparing to in the future. I am really feeling motivated to get back home and start working on the projects that we still have left. The one topic that I did find very confusing was the one on all the options for internet! Too many options, all with their own pros and cons. So I left Harry to figure out that one – he’s my tech guy!! Open-mouthed smile

This is one of the “streets” in the park. We went for a nice walk during the afternoon. It was such a beautiful day.


Harry and Laurie enjoying our front porch…


Then we had the chili cook-off! These judges take their work seriously.


There was a lot of chili! It wasn’t possible to try more than a few kinds, but the ones I did try were GOO-OOD!!


Harry enjoyed it as well.


And there were door prizes…Laurie brought her lucky cup…(see the pile of books)


Another very nice day here in Tennessee….


  1. I just wish they were giving away an RV!!:)

  2. now you are talking Laurie!..an Rv door prize!..now what would be wrong with that!!??

  3. Nice looking cabin you have there in Tennessee!