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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Final Stretch

Well, wonder of wonders, it stayed relatively warm last night. When we got up this morning, it was 40 degrees! (Sorry, maple “sugarers”, but I hope your season has come to an end.) We are supposed to have a rainy couple of days. I guess that April is trying to live up to its “April showers” title. Things should be starting to green up soon.

Today is my early and long day at work, but I don’t mind it as much because….today and tomorrow are my last days of work and then I will be off until April 20th!! And tucked into the middle of that very nice 2 week stretch is our trip to Tennessee! I have been looking forward to this since we registered for the rally in September, and I can’t believe that it’s really almost here!

Makes for a nice Monday. Smile Have a great day!!


  1. It's been a long winter for you, but you have made progress toward your dream.

    I wish I could be at the rally, maybe next year!

  2. It will be fun to meet some of the bloogers I follow. I am so excited!!

  3. I didn't know I was signed in under my son. He won't be there but we will be. :)

    Dale & Bev

  4. LOL :) We are looking forward to meeting everyone too.