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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love Wednesdays!

Wednesday is turning into my absolute favorite day of the week. :) I think it’s because my brain still thinks of it as a work day, and there’s always that little thrill in the morning when I wake up and realize, hey I don’t have to go to work today. Kind of reminds me of the feeling I used to have when I woke up and there was a snow day – except without all the snow and ice and cold!

There’s a lot on the agenda for today. First, bright and early at 9 am, I get to go for that lovely once a year x-ray that women get to enjoy once they pass that wonderful 40 year mark. Hmmm…even though I just read Margie's account of her root canal yesterday and enjoyed all her photos of the dentist’s office, I think I will not be bringing my camera. ;) Once that is out of the way, I am going to come home and have a great walk! The weather is awesome – blue skies, right now it is about 54 and it is supposed to be low 70s, and low humidity. I have to make a trip to the post office and do some laundry…what an exciting day ahead! But hey – I’m not working!! :)

Harry will be coming home a little early so we can go in to Albany and pick up the truck. Then we will be taking some pictures and putting it up for sale tonight! YAY! I’m not expecting another 24 hr sale like we had with the pop-up, but I do hope we get some calls soon.


  1. Isn't it a beautiful day!? I love this kind of weather. Good luck today with your 'appointment'..and thanks for NOT sharing..haha. Hope your truck sells quickly!

  2. Haha - yeah, I figured some things are better forgotten! ;)