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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Almost Time

Can you believe that it is almost February, and time for our kitchen remodel to get underway? We had our first meeting with the representative back in October and the time since then has gone by so fast! The Hickory Hill guy called last night, and we have actual dates now. The granite people are coming on Tuesday (yes, this coming Tuesday!) to remove our current counter and measure to create a template for the granite countertop that will be replacing it. Then Hickory Hill (I don’t know anyone’s name other than Tom, the rep) will be coming on Monday, February 7th to start the project!! It should take about a week and a half. So for the next couple of weeks I will actually have something different to blog about. Sarcastic smile

There’s also been a little blip in the selling process…an issue with the contract. So we shall see…hopefully it can be ironed out, but we will make the best of it no matter which way it goes.


  1. sounds like February will be a busy month!!!..nice to have a new project to focus on!..how's the snow???

  2. Sure hope that blip can be ironed out...we'll keep our fingers crossed.

  3. They want a lower price, a May or was it June closing and the moon to boot? Guess the economy gives byres all the power!

  4. M guess is ha Harr won' be able o keep ou of he kichen when he sar he work :) Crossing m fingers for hings o ge ironed ou for our sale!