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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

What a feeling of relief and satisfaction! The condo is finished and ready for the walk through tomorrow. Time for your tour!

The entryway is freshly painted and Harry cleaned the carpet on the stairs. The banister and all of the woodwork is polished up. The floor has been replaced, the front door painted, and a new blind installed.

IMG_4023 IMG_4024

We also painted the closet at the top of the stairs.


This is the view from the front door – everything is cleaned up, and again, I polished all of the baseboard with the finish restorer.


This is the kitchen, with the washer/dryer closet door closed, and then open. The floor has been replaced, every inch of this kitchen has been cleaned – appliances, cabinets (inside and out), the washer/dryer closet was painted, and I used finish restorer on all of the cabinet fronts.

IMG_4028 IMG_4029

This is the view from the living room down the hall. We cleaned all the spots on the walls, closets were painted, and baseboard polished up. At the end of the hallway to the left is the bedroom, which I already posted a picture of a day or two ago, and then you turn right to get to the bathroom and the master bedroom.


Here is the bathroom – again, every inch cleaned up, finish restorer used on wood surfaces, and a new floor installed.


This is the closet where the furnace is, which is located across from the bathroom. I used wood style contact paper on all of the shelves to make it a more usable area.


And then the master bedroom is at the end of the hall – I posted that picture already. Phew!! What a relief to have this completed. Now we wait. But at least we know we have put it in the best condition we can, and hopefully that will make a difference!


  1. Great job it looks great! That looks so much like my first Condo it's almost scary!

    Good luck tomorrow!


  2. looks great!..your hard work will not go unnoticed!!!

  3. Hopefully the wait won't be too long! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for the walk thru. I hope the buyer chooses yours!

  4. Woohoo! Bet you are definitely relieved. Good luck with the walk through with the realtor. Hope it sells quickly!