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Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Plans

I’ve read on a lot of blogs where RV’ers say that their plans are “set in jello”. It sounds like a great way to live, where plans are flexible, and schedules can adapt and change over time. Well, here in upstate NY, plans are changeable as well, but unfortunately they are set in something else. I was thinking of that tonight because Harry and I had set up a schedule of sorts for the week, hammering out when we were going to get each item accomplished – only to come home tonight and see on the evening news that we have another 9 – 15 inches in store for our area on Wednesday. Sarcastic smile 

My history of having a schedule which revolves around the winter weather actually goes way back to my childhood. My dad worked for the state Dept. of Transportation, and pretty much from November until April, our entire lives revolved around the weather forecast. It didn’t matter what plans we had, or what day of the week it was, or whether it was a holiday, everything was contingent on the weather, and when those first flakes of snow would start to fall. Because we all knew that by the time the first inch or so was on the ground, that phone would be ringing, and my dad would be putting on his work clothes and heading out for the rest of the day or night.

But back to today…our original plan was that we were going to take today and tomorrow night off from condo work, and then get back to our projects for the rest of the week. However, now that we have seen the weather, we are going to adapt that a bit. At the moment, it appears that our snow will be starting after midnight. So tomorrow night we will get back over there to finish up the painting, and Wednesday evening I suspect Harry will be able to give that snow blower another run. Gotta love these upstate winters…Sad smile  Harry and I are going to be doing a happy dance in four years when we will hopefully be in Arizona reading about all these nice snowy days!!


  1. *Sigh* another winter storm. I think we're getting 4-6" is all, but just enough to be a pain commuting in it. Right now I have a 35 minute commute in GOOD weather. When we move up to George's house in a few weeks, it's going to be 15 minutes :)

    Good luck with that snow blower, Harry! George will be right with ya :)

  2. spring is around the corner..and the snow blower will be collecting dust soon!..one more go round!!