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Monday, January 24, 2011

Cold Monday!

According to my computer, it’s –12 here this morning. It may be a couple degrees colder on the thermostat on our back deck, but I can’t see it from the dining room, and I’m not opening the door to get a better look!! Be right back Since it’s the 24th of January, I guess we’re getting a freeze this year instead of a January thaw.

Most of yesterday was a great and fun day. Harry and I took our niece shopping, which was her Christmas present. We found all sorts of sweaters and tops, all of which had some variation of purple and pink. Hannah tried them on in the dressing room and modeled them for Uncle Harry. We had to make a couple size substitutions, but for the most part everything fit the first time.

Then it was off to lunch at Chili’s. I intended to take some pictures of the shopping trip but we got into the groove picking out clothes and I never thought of it until we were sitting down to lunch.

We took these with my phone so they’re a little blurry (the one I took is “blurrier” for some reason)…

IMG_40441 IMAG0040[1]

That was the fun part. We took Hannah back home and then stopped at our house for a short break before the meeting with the realtor. That was a little overwhelming. In the course of going over the contract, she also explained all the possible things that could come up as roadblocks throughout this whole process. Phew! The evening was just a tad stressful. But since there’s not a thing we can do about it, I have resolved to be as hopeful and upbeat as possible, and wait until the problem actually happens before I worry about it!!

Well, only one hour before I have to go out into that frigid air. Freezing I am so ready for spring!! (You probably already knew that.)

Have a great day everyone!! Stay warm. Sarcastic smile (Unless you’re down in the southern regions, then you’re probably all set.)

P.S. I can see the thermometer now, and it’s actually –16 degrees here this morning.

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  1. sounds like winter has settled in..in your neighbourhood!..we feel your pain..!