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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not a Flake!

Today was the absolute best kind of snowstorm! The kind that goes somewhere else. Be right back I have enjoyed being able to get some stuff accomplished, and I even went out for an errand without having to drive in a sloppy mess!! I would so love to think that this is it for the winter!! Yes, I know it’s wishful thinking, but at least I can enjoy the thought for today!

I am started to get excited about next weekend. Harry and I are going to Boston for the Boston RV & Camping Expo. I was excited about this even before I knew that Howard and Linda from RV-Dreams would be there, and would be presenting seminars each day. That is just icing on the cake! So that looks to be a great time. I love Boston – it is one of my all-time favorite places so far. Of course, it hasn’t had a lot of competition yet, but I expect that it will always stay pretty high on my list of favorites.

Well, guess it is one of those slow news days, so I will keep it short. Everyone have a great day!!


  1. Boston is an awesome place... I was born in a town just outside of there... LYNN. I know It's the "City of Sin" LOL LOL It will be fun at the RV show and nice that Linda & Howard will be there too...
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  2. Enjoy the RV show. It is always fun to look at what is out there.
    Unfortunatly Boston is 5 hours away for us and we have a computer room with ugly walls calling our name. Guess we will be painting all weekend.

  3. Hi Jessica. The RV show in Boston sounds like so much fun. I am with you; Boston is a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for the nice comment today. Our time home is uncertain, but probably when our taxes are done and of course after our daughter Kelly departs for the Navy.


  4. Oh, I LOVE Boson!! ou gus are gonna have so much fun ah he RV show. ou ge so man grea ideas when ou go.

  5. enjoy the RV show..we are heading to Seattle in a couple of weeks to go to the one there!...seems to be the time of year for them!..keeping the dream alive!!

  6. So jealous that you are going to the RV show. We haven't been to one yet this year, though last year we went to the one in Atlantic City. We are so busy with moving, etc, I can't even find time to BLOG!