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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Not Snowing (For the Moment)

Wow! No snow today!! It’s only 7 degrees F out, but at least it’s not snowing. Not much planned for today…work this morning, as usual, and then doing odds and ends around the house. We also hope to hear from JoAnn (realtor) today.

Speaking of snow, which seems to be a very common occurrence this winter….our weather forecaster was practically frothing at the mouth last night with excitement over the prospect of a “very significant winter event” which looks to be coming our way late Tuesday and Wednesday. He says this could be our “biggest storm YET this winter”. Surprised smile  ummm, yeah….just what we need….Sarcastic smile


  1. Jessica, you are scaring me. Ellie and I are on our way north, heading home for a few weeks. Our plan is to be arriving in between the storms, although in our area I am told the Lake Effect machine has been generating feet of snow again. I sure hope the storm you are describing stays away, maybe way east.


  2. I hope it stays away too!! We've definitely had enough snow for one winter.

  3. I saw on our news that you guys are going to get hit with another snow storm.
    Darned La Nina!!!

    We have snow falling right now, to add to our already 6 feet of the stuff!

    Sitting here wondering where Im going to put it all when it's finally done...

    (hope your condo sells today!!)

  4. No snow is good. Seven degrees??? Thank goodness I a=have forgotten what that is like:)

  5. These days will be something to remember! (and not miss.)